Os Trapalhoes by Rogerio de Jesus

Rogério Soud De Jesus is a Brazilian comic book artist and illustrator, also known as Rogério De Jesus or Rogério Soud. He was working as a comic book artist for Editorial Abril in the 1980s and 1990s. He started out in Rio as one of the artists of the licensed Strawberry Shortcake title (Moranguinho), together with his friend Fernando Bonini. He then moved to São Paulo, where he joined Walbercy Camargo's animation studios as a clean-up artist, but he eventually got the opportunity to draw directly for Abril. He was one of the regular artists in the comic books about the younger versions of Brazilian comedy group 'Os Trapalhões' between 1988 and 1993. He also drew for the comic books about TV host Sérgio Malandro, and the Disney titles 'Zé Carioca' and 'Pato Donald'.

With the decline of the comic book market in the mid-1990s, he has since focused on book illustration under the name Rogério Soud, just like his colleagues Rodval Matias, Mozart Couto and Carlos Avalone had done. He has provided illustrations to many textbooks and children's books, including 'Say A Little Prayer' by the American singer Dionne Warwick. He has also made visual interpretations of songs, and made his debut as an author with the book 'O Vôo da Asa Branca' (Prumo, 2012).

Urtigao, by Rogério Soud de Jesus


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