On A Claire Day by Carla Ventresca
'On A Claire Day'. 

Carla Ventresca is a cartoonist and illustrator, originally from Philadelphia, who mainly works in collaboration with her husband Henry Beckett. She is a graduate of Syracuse University where she majored in Communications. In October 2005 she filled in the spot of the collaborative comic feature 'Six Chix' after Ann Telnaes left. Ventresca did the Thursday strips and some Sundays, while the other days were handled by Isabella Bannerman, Margaret Shulock, Rina Piccolo, Kathryn LeMieux and Stephanie Piro. She left the team in July 2007, when she became one of the new cartoonists for Parade Magazine. She has also taught at two colleges and is a published author.

Ventresca and Beckett produce visual and audio content for advertising agencies, TV, films, video games, books, magazines, newspapers, websites, and new media like smart phones and tablets. They have created greeting cards for American Greetings, as well as the internationally syndicated comic strip 'On A Claire Day' from 2006. The strip ended its print and online run in June 2014 to continue on the mobile device Commika.

Cartoon by Carla Ventresca


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