Arabelle, by Jean Ache (1962)
Arabelle (1962)

Jean Ache, pseudonym of Jean Huet, started his career in animation, working for Films de Cavaignac, among others. In 1943, he made the comic serial 'Biceps, le Costaud Sentimental' for Le Téméraire magazine. Between 1946 and 1949, he worked for several magazines, such as O.K., Mon Journal and Kid Magazine, creating the comics 'Tonton Molécule', 'Achille, Lastuce et Crémolet' and 'Bébé Vitamine'. He also did contributions to the magazines Vaillant, Jeudi-Matin, Zig et Puce, Zorro-Zig et Puce, Comique-Magazine, Sans Peur, Le Journal du Dimanche, Benjamin, Lisette, Libération and Ima, l'Ami des Jeunes.

Bon Voyage, Vivian, by Jean Ache
Bon Voyage, Vivian

He was present in France-Dimanche between 1948 and 1957, where he made 'Archibald' and later 'Amanda'. He started working for France-Soir in 1950, where he illustrated various episodes of 'Le Crime ne Paie Pas' by Paul Gordeaux until 1962. In that year, Ache came up with his most popular creation: 'Arabelle, la Dernière Sirène'. From 1958 to 1966, he drew 'Nic et Mino' in Le Journal de Mickey, with scripts by Claude Dupré.

Nic et Mino, by Jean Ache
Nic et Mino (Journal de Mickey #731)

In 1965, he restarted his series 'Archibald' in Pilote, and continued it until 1974. Also for this magazine, he illustrated actuality pages and made pastiches of famous paintings. In addition, he worked with Jean Nohain on 'S.O.S. Les Zlops Attaquent', an animation project for television, and appeared in Le Journal des Pieds Nickelés, Le Journal de Bibi Fricotin, L'Illustré du Dimanche, Pastec, Flonflon Télé-Jeunes, Record, Tintin, Pomme d'Api, Les Visiteurs du Mercredi, Pistil, Footy and Tam. In 1973, he succeeded Gervy as the artist of 'Pat'Apouf' in Pèlerin, a series he continued until his death in 1985.

Arabelle, by Jean Ache (France-Soir, 1950)
Arabelle (France-Soir, 1950)

Ache was also an art connoisseur, which he showed in his set of 'Little Red Riding Hood' retellings for Pilote in 1974. Each version is drawn in the style of seven different painters, varying from representative to abstract.

Petit Chaperon Rouge by Jean Ache

Petit Chaperon Rouge by Jean Ache
Giorgio de Chirico

Petit Chaperon Rouge by Jean Ache
Bernard Buffet

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