Capitan Rogers, by Giorgio Cavazzano
Capitan Rogers

Giorgio Cavazzano published his first illustrations in Il Piccolo Missionario, before he became an assistant to Luciano Capitanio (his cousin) and Romano Scarpa, two Italian Disney artists. In 1967, he started his solo career with several 'Paperino' ('Donald Duck') stories for the Italian production. He is one of the founders of the modern expressive Italian style in Disney comics. Cavazzano also began his own series, such as 'Walkie e Talkie' in Il Corriere dei Piccoli from 1973 to 1975, 'Oscar e Tango' in Il Messagero dei Ragazzi and 'Smalto e Johnny' in Il Mago.

Walkie e Talkie by Giorgio Cavazzano
Walkie & Talkie - Il ladro di monumenti (Corriere dei Piccoli #30, 28/7/1974)

From 1974 to 1977, he was present in Il Corriere dei Ragazzi with 'Altei e Jonson' with scripts by Tiziano Sclavi. This series is continued in Casablanca from 1988. Other creations for the magazine include 'I Ranger' and 'Slim Norton'. In 1979, he began a collaboration with scenarists Quisimodo (a.k.a. Sclavi) and François Corteggiani and created the series 'Silas Finn' for the German magazine Zack.

Altai e Jonson, by Giorgio Cavazzano
Altai e Jonson

Together with writer Giorgio Pezzin, he launched the series 'Capitan Rogers' in Il Giornalino. He continued his collaboration with Corteggiani in the 1980s, with new episodes of 'Capitan Rogers', as well as several comics for the French magazines Pif and Le Journal de Mickey.

Silas Finn, by Giorgio Cavazzano
Silas Finn

In Pif, he illustrated stories with ' Pif le Chien' and 'Pifou', but also the series 'Timothée Titan'. In Le Journal de Mickey, he drew comic adaptations of the Disney movies 'Basil from Bakerstreet' and 'Bernard and Bianca', and stories with 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Donald Duck'.

Paperino, by Giorgio Cavazzano

In addition, he drew the series 'Big Bazoon' for the Italian Playboy, and cooperated with the American artist Sergio Aragones on the gag series 'Oran et Outang'/'C'Est la Jungle' in Spirou. In Italy, he continued to draw Disney comics for Topolino. In 2006, he set up a new series for Disney Italia, 'Jungle Town'.

Jungle Town, by Giorgio Cavazzano
Jungle Town

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