Apolino Tarúgue, by Carlos Conti

Carlos Conti was one of the classic Spanish artists of Bruguera's Pulgarcito magazine, along with Guillermo Cifré, José Peñarroya, Manuel Vázquez, José Escobar and Jorge. Since 1949 he drew the 'El loco Carioco' series, beginning it in Pulgarcito. Throughout his career Conti was a very prolific creator of gag panels, which were sometimes bunched in series like 'Ahí está Conti' and 'Contigrafías'. In 1957, Conti and his fellow artists Cifré, Escobar, Giner y Peñarroya launched and self-managed the weekly Tío Vivo, a joint venture that lasted one year. His work also appeared in the pages of other Bruguera magazines like El DDT, Can Can and Din Dan.

In addition, he published in the daily La Prensa and its supplements as well as the magazines Hola, Nicolás, TBO and Mata Ratos, among others. Other creations by Conti were 'Apolino Tarúguez, hombre de negocios' (Cucú, 1944), 'La vida adormilada de Morfeo Pérez' (El DDT, 1952), 'Don Alirón y la ciencia ficción' (El DDT, 1969) and 'El doctor No y su ayudante Sí' (Din Dan, 1970).

Carioco, el Loco, by Carlos Conti

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