Robin Hood, by Gino Gavioli (Il Giornalino, 1986)

After taking courses at the Liceo Artistico in Brera, Gino Gavioli made his debut in the comics field at the age of 17. He created his first comics for the publishing house Traini, doing among others the series 'Carioca'. After his military service, he joined the publishing house Alpe in 1943, where he created the character of 'Nonno Bigio' in 1948. In 1952, he a collaboration with Universo, where he created characters like 'Sempronio', 'Felicino e Arcibaldo', 'Pierino Pocospino', 'Pico Panda e Paco Serse' and 'Vita Cavallina' in the magazine Il Monello.

He founded the animation studios Gamma Film with his brother Roberto and Paolo Piffarrerio in the 1950s. The studios produced animations for the Caroselli TV show, as well as the feature film 'Putiferio va alla Guerra' (1967). Gavioli also illustrated a comics adaptation of this film. He then worked with Sergio Leone on several themes for films. From 1960, he was present in Corriere dei Piccoli, where he illustrated covers and games. For the publishing house Paoline, he created 'Orlando lo Strambo', 'Annibale' and a series of fairytale comic adaptations. Together with scriptwriter Tiziano Sclavi, he drew 'Vita da Cani' in Il Giornalino.

Vita da Cani, by Gino Gavioli (Il Giornalino, 1986)

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