Pacush Blues, by Ptiluc
Pacush Blues

Self-taught artist Luc Lefevre, better known as Ptiluc, has been making comics since he was nineteen. He contributed to magazines like Échec à l'Échec, Moto News, Vie Privée and Spatial. In 1980, he started his series 'Pacush Blues', about rats living in a drain, for Aïe! magazine. After its disappearance, the series was put on hold but returned in a series of albums published by Vents d'Ouest since 1983. In the meantime, Ptiluc had been working on audiovisual projects for Didier Hatier, the school book publisher.

Le Dragon de Mons, by Ptiluc
Le Dragon de Mons

After moving to France, Ptiluc made an homage to his hometown Mons in 'La Geste de Gilles de Chin' and 'Le Dragon de Mons' using a more realistic style. In 1992, he made 'Ni dieu, ni bête' and in 1997, he worked with Kris Person on 'La Murge'. In 1995, he started a new series, 'Rats', with Éduard David and scenarists Corcal and Philippe Viala.

Decrescendo (1991), by Ptiluc (Luc Lefevre)
Decrescendo (1991)

He chronicled his motor trips in the books 'Pour Quelques Kilomètres de Plus', 'Quand je serai grand, je ferai le Tour du Monde' and 'C'était le Temps des Filles et des Bécanes'. He made a series of short stories for L'Écho des Savanes under the title 'La Foire aux Cochons' starting in 1998. Since 1999 he has been working regularly with Joan and Harty on several thematic albums for Vents d'Ouest ('Clope Attitude', 'Bio Attitude', 'Accros de Reggae', etc.). With Joan he additionally created 'Frigo' for Les Humanoïdes Associés in 2000-2001.

comic strip by Ptiluc (2006)
comic strip by Ptiluc in 2006

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