Gijs Gans by Jaap Stavenuiter
Donald Duck - Archeologica (Donald Duck 25, 1995)

Jaap Stavenuiter was a active as a comic book artist in the 1980s and 1990s. He was member of Studio Arnhem, together with other Dutch artists like Ben Jansen, Hanco Kolk, Ronald van Vemden, Hendrik J. Vos and Hans Pieko. He drew comics with the Disney characters for Donald Duck weekly between 1989 and 1999. These were mostly stories with 'Donald Duck', 'The Junior Woodchucks', 'Grandma Duck' and 'Gus Goose'. In the 1990s, he also began writing stories in cooperation with Frans Leenheer, that were mostly drawn by other artists. He was later also a member of Studio Funny Farm, together with Kees de Boer, Gerard Leever, Stef de Reuver, Jeroen Steehouwer, Hester van de Grift and Frans Leenheer. For the group's comic magazine Razzafrazz. he contributed the funny animal comic 'Wilbur Wolf' (1992) in a Tex Avery style. Stavenuiter later moved on to work in information technology and as a web designer.

Wilbur Wolf, by Jaap Stavenuiter (from Razzafrazz)
Wilbur Wolf (Razzafrazz 2, 1992)

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