Bucky Bug by Carl Buettner
Bucky Bug (W WDC50-03)

Carl Buettner was an American artist for comic books and pulp magazines. Coming from a family with German origins, Buettner was born in 1903 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He studied at the Federal School of Art, and joined the art staff of Fawcett Publications in 1926. He drew illustrations and cartoons for several of the company's joke books and magazines, including Captain Billy's Whiz Bang and Hooey. He moved to New York City, where he was art editor for one of the Fawcett magazines in 1934. He clandestinely sold saucy cartoons to pulp books of the competing publisher Donenfeld.

Buettner ended his collaboration with the pulp books in 1937 and moved to California, where he joined the Disney Studios. He stayed there for a year, before joining another animation studios, led by former Disney animators Hugh Harman and Rudolph Ising.

Pinocchio, by Carl Buettner

In 1938 Buettner met the famous ventriloquist Edgar Bergen. He was then assigned to take over the syndicated comic version of Bergen's puppet character Charlie McCarthy, famous from theatre, TV and cinema. For the job he teamed up with Chase Craig, with whom he had also created the short-lived 'Hollywood Hams' daily. Both Buettner and Craig joined Western Publishing in 1942, where Buettner eventually became art director. Buettner worked on comic book stories with Warner Bros and Disney characters, and guided and inspired artists like Walt Kelly. He was one of the early artists to draw 'Joe Carioca'. He also illustrated comics with 'Bucky Bug', 'The Seven Dwarfs', 'Dumbo' and 'Bambi', as well as ' Gene Autry', 'Roy Rogers', 'Tarzan', Woody Woodpecker' and 'Bozo the Clown'. He was additionally involved in the art of the 'Bugs Bunny' newspaper strip during the mid 1940s.

Joe Carioca, by Carl Buettner

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