Corentin by Paul Cuvelier
Corentin - Le Poignard Magique

Paul Cuvelier is one of the classic European comic artists. He was one of the key artists of the early years of Tintin magazine, along with Hergé, Jacques Martin and Edgar P. Jacobs. He already had his first illustration published in Le Petit Vingtième at the age of 7. His early interest went out to sculpting and painting, and he went to the Academy in Fine Arts in Mons. It was Hergé, who suggested to Cuvelier to start a career in comics. He drew his first comic, 'Le Canyon Mystérieux', in 1945.

Le Canyon Mysterieux, by Paul Cuvelier
Tom Colby - Le Canyon Mysterieux, Dutch edition

This story was written by Olav (a collective pseudonym for Hergé and Jacobs). He was present at Tintin magazine from the first issue with the first episode of the adventure series 'Corentin' with a script by Jacques Van Melkebeke. Throughout the years the scriptwriting of the series was continued by Greg, Jacques Acar and Jean Van Hamme.

Line by Paul Cuvelier

From 1947, Cuvelier also illustrated some advertising strips for the chocolate brand Côte d'Or. His first break with the comics world was in 1950, when he opened an atelier and focused on sculpting and painting. He also did several illustration assignments. He returned to comics in 1958 and began working on 'Corentin' again. Two years later, he began the medieval series 'Flamme d'Argent' with Michel Greg.

Wapi, by Paul Cuvelier

He started another series about the little indian 'Wapi' with scripts by Benoî and later Jacques Acar in 1964. In 1962, he also took over the character 'Line' with Greg, a series that was previously drawn by Françoise BertierAndré Gaudelette and Rol. In 1967, he drew 'Epoxy', the first adult comic, written by Jean Van Hamme.

Epoxy, by Cuvelier

While continuing several of his series, Cuvelier fled into isolation and destitution. He began a new series, called 'Corentin et l'Ogre Rouge', but stopped working at it after only a couple of pages. He did several erotic illustrations for Privé magazine. He began the preperations of an exposition called Fillettes, but this had to be cancelled due to a long illness. Paul Cuvelier died on 5 May 1978.

Line by Paul Cuvelier
Line (Dutch edition, Kuifje #48, 1978)

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