Genie des Alpages, by F'Murr

F'Murr was one of the main representatives of the new generation of humorists that emerged in Pilote magazines in the 1970s. Born Richard Peyzaret, he studied Applied Arts in his hometown Paris, after which he specialized in cartooning. He made his debut in Pilote magazine in 1971, initially making a series of gags under the title 'Contes à Rebours'. Two years later, he started his most famous creation, 'Le Génie des Alpages', about a shepherd and his sheep. Besides publication in Pilote, this absurd strip was later published directly in albums by Dargaud until 2007.

Little Red Riding Hood by F'Murr

In addition to this series, F'Murr drew 'Naphtaline' in Pilote and 'Porfirio et Gabriel' in Le Canard Sauvage and later Circus, from 1974. By 1976 he created 'Jehanne d'Arc', a humorous historical comic published in Métal Hurlant, and continued in À Suivre. F'Murr also also present in Gotlib's magazine Fluide Glacial ('Robin des Boîtes') and the Spirou supplement Le Trombone Illustré ('Les Mirrois de Marguerite', 'Ala et Lolli').

Jehanne d'Arc by F'Murr

In the 1980s he remained active for À Suivre with 'Histoires Déplacées', a series in which he gave his personal view on the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. The stories were published in book format under the title 'Le Char de l'Etat derape sur le Sentier de la Guerre'. Also for À Suivre, he made 'Le Pauvre Chevalier' (1990) and 'Les Aveugles' (1991). Throughout his career, F'Murr has published several independent albums, such as 'Vingt Dieux, c'est le Synode' (Artefact, 1977), 'Le Petit Tarot' (published in Pilote, 1978) and 'Spirella, Mangeuse d'Écureuils' (Khani, 1988).

Genie des Alpages, by F'Murr

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