Tailspin Tommy by Hal Forrest

Hal Forrest was the artist of the aviation daily 'Tailspin Tommy', with scripts by Glen Chaffin. Syndicated by Bell Syndicate, the first daily episode appeared on 30 April 1928. A year later, a Sunday page was added. This comic, about the classic daredevil aviator Tommy, was not only an adventure strip, but also filled with didactic information and aviation terminology.

Tailspin Tommy, by Hal Forrest

The Sunday page opened with the educational 'The Progress of Flight' panel, that contained information on flight pioneers as the Wright brothers and Bleriot. 'The Progress of Flight' was dropped in 1934, and replaced with 'The Four Aces', a strip about the postwar adventures of World War I air heroes. Chaffin left the comic in the mid-1930s, and Forrest assumed sole authorship. However, the comic became outdated throughout the years, and was cancelled in 1942.

The Four Aces, by Hal Forrest (1935)

Tailspin Tommy Gallery

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