Uncle Scrooge by Jan-Roman Pikula
Uncle Scrooge story from Donald Duck #26, 2010

Jan-Roman Pikula studied Art and Technology in his birthtown Enschede. After an apprenticeship at the art studio of the Dutch Donald Duck weekly in early 2006, he has been working for the magazine on a freelance basis.

Donald Duck Extra cover by Jan-Roman PikulaDonald Duck by Jan-Roman Pikula
cover illustrations for Donald Duck Extra 2009-12 and Donald Duck 2010-07

Pikula started out doing mainly illustrations for covers and the letterbox section, as well as short strips and gag pages with several of the Disney characters. In 2008 and 2009 he has drawn many comic stories for the younger brother of the Donald Duck weekly, Donald Duck Junior, from scripts by Jos Beekman, Jim van der Weele and Bas Schuddeboom.

Goofy, by Jan-Roman Pikula
Mickey & Goofy from Donald Duck Junior #2, 2010 (H 29385)

Since then, he has drawn more comic stories for the weekly from various scriptwriters (Jan Kruse, Frank Jonker, Gaute Moe, etc.). He is the regular artist of sections like the 'Uit het Handboek van de Jonge Woudlopers' and 'Willie's Wereld'.

Mickey Lost 't Op by Jan-Roman Pikula
Riddle comic 'De Ontsnapping van Boris' (H 29384, Donald Duck 2009-42)

He has also drawn several installments of the 'Mickey Lost 't Op' riddle comic, written by Jos Beekman, Ferdi Felderhof or Bas Schuddeboom and Esther Holtkamp, often with guest performances from the classic Gottfredson characters. Together with Viktor Venema, he furthermore oversees the production of the non-Disney 'Breinstein' comic for Zo Zit Dat!.

Karel Paardepoot by Jan Roman Pikula
Letterbox comic from Donald Duck #34, 2010 (H 2010-177)

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