from De Gedroomde Lijn, by Viktor Venema
Contribution to De Gedroomde Lijn (2006)

Viktor Venema is a comics art editor, cartoonist, inker and animator, originally from the West-Frisian village Andijk. He studied character design, illustration and animation at Rens Benerink's Cartoon School in Amsterdam. Upon graduation in 1998, he found employment with the art studio of the Dutch Donald Duck weekly and the other Disney publications at Sanoma Media. Viktor makes cartoons for the letterbox section, but his main occupation is inking the editorial art by studio colleagues, including Maarten Janssens, Ed van Schuijlenburg and Wilma van den Bosch. He also inked the Donald Duck Junior stories drawn by Wilma van den Bosch and Jan-Roman Pikula in 2010-2011.

Letterbox comic by Viktor Venema
Letterbox comic for Donald Duck #15, 2010

He has worked on Flash pages for the magazine's original website (2004-2008) and does digital editing of (older) comic stories. Since 2011, he is also involved in the art of other children's publications by Sanoma, such as Nickelodeon Magazine and Zo Zit Dat, for which he oversees the production of the 'Breinstein' comic with Jan-Roman Pikula.

Viktor is additionally active as freelance illustrator and as animator on short commercials and films, including the critical acclaimed animation films 'Penguin’s Christmas' (2004), 'Hard Boiled Chicken' (2006) and 'Farmer Jack' (2012) by Arjan Wilschut. In addition, he contributed stories to the small press publications De Gedroomde Lijn (2006) and De Verslavende Lijn (2008), which were edited by Johan de Rooij. Viktor is married to Saskia Jonker, who works as editor for Donald Duck and the girls' magazine Tina.

Donald Duck by Viktor Venema
Comic strip for Donald Duck 19, 2006

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