Pif le Chien, by Francois Corteggiani

François Corteggiani is one of the most prominent present-day comics writers. Writing in nearly every genre, Corteggiani can be compared to Charlier for his adventure stories, and to Goscinny for his gags. Although mainly a writer, Corteggiani started his career as an artist. After getting his degree, he worked as an advertising artist for a while and made his debut in comics in 1974. He started out illustrating more than 1000 pages for S.E.P.P., as well as 'Mucheroum' in Spirou. For Pif Gadget, he drew 'Pif le Chien' for a while along with Michel Motti. While continuing drawing his own series for Pif Gadget, he focused more and more on scriptwriting.

De Silence et de Sang, by François Corteggiani and Marc Males
Artwork by Marc Malès

After several stories in Pif Gadget with such artists as François Dimberton, Louis Cance and Yannick, Corteggiani launched the 'Chafouin et Baluchon' series with artist Pierre Tranchand in Djin. Corteggiani and Tranchand continued their cooperation and together they created numerous series, like 'Bastos et Zouky', 'Marine', 'Smith et Wesson' and 'L'Ecole Abracadabra'. Another artist Corteggiani worked with a lot from the late 1970s, was Giorgio Cavazzano. Together, they took over 'Peter O'Pencil' ('Silas Finn'), and started series like 'Capitan Rogers' and 'Timothée Titan'. François Corteggiani created more humorous series with Philippe Bercovici: 'Robinson et Zoé', 'Testar le Robot', 'Grand Panic Circus' and many more.

Blueberry, by François Corteggiani
Artwork by Colin Wilson

In the mid-1980s, François Corteggiani proved to be a talented writer in the realistic genre as well in the magazine Vécu. Throughout the late 1980s, he created comics such as 'De Silence et de Sang' (with Marc Malès), 'Le Casque et la Fronde' (with Walther Fahrer), 'Francis Falko' (with Victor de la Fuente), 'L'Archer Blanc' (with Jean-Yves Mitton), 'Crin Blanc' (with Michel Faure). With Georges Ramaïoli, he took on the cyclus 'L'Horus de Nékhen' in 1989 at Soleil Productions. At the same publisher, he continued the 'Kostar le Magnifique' series, which was previously drawn by Bercovici, but now continued by Alain Sirvent. After the death of Jean-Michel Charlier, Corteggiani took over the writing of 'La Jeunesse de Blueberry', drawn by Colin Wilson. Again with Wilson, he started 'Thunderhawks' for Strip Art Features.

In the 1990s followed new series like 'Saïto', 'Le Bossu' (both with Norma), 'Sundance', 'Sécession' (with Michel Suro and Rachid Nawa) and 'Yakusa' (with Emmanuel Barison). He was also active on the Italian market with several short stories for Playboy, Topolino and Il Giornalino. In France, he continued working for Le Journal de Mickey (several gags with Tranchand), while starting new series like 'Tatiana K.' (with Félix Meynet) and continuing old ones like 'De Silence et de Sang' (this time with Emmanuel Barison). In 2004, he became editor-in-chief of the relaunched Pif Gadget magazine.

Marine, by François Corteggiani
Artwork by Pierre Tranchand

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