from Penthouse Comix, by Garry Leach

Garry Leach began his career working for 2000 AD, drawing series like 'Dan Dare', 'M.A.C.H. 1' and 'The VCs'. In 1981, he joined Quality Communications, where he worked as art director as well as the first artist on Alan Moore's revival of 'Marvelman' in Warrior. He also cooperated with Moore on the creation of 'Warpsmith', a character that eventually became a supporting character in 'Marvelman'. Leach and Dave Elliot founded Atomeka Press in 1988, where they launched the anthology title A1. When the company folded the mid-1990s, Leach turned to advertising jobs. He eventually returned to comics as an inker on John McCrea's 'Hitman'. He also worked with Warren Ellis on 'Global Frequency' and returned to the pages of 2000 AD, where he works mainly as an inker. Leach and Elliot restarted Atomeka Press in recent years, and they also relaunched A1.

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