Dracurella, art by Julio Ribera
Dracurella, by Julio Ribera

Julio Ribera Trucó started his career in his native Spain, working together with Pedro Alférez for several Spanish magazines under pseudonyms like Jules McSide and Bop. Ribera cooperated on Florita, a magazine for young girls, in 1945, and created 'Rosy'. He began a collaboration with Yumbo in 1950, and created series like 'Pepin y Sulfato' and 'Platillos Volantes'.

Lolo et Mandoline by Julio Ribera
Lolo et Mandoline

He moved to France in September 1954, where he continued his comic exploits. His first French work was 'Pistol Jim' in Zorro, which was followed by a longtime collaboration with the magazines of La Bonne Presse. For Bayard, he drew 'Le Barrage', 'Tony Sextant' and 'Lolo et Mandoline'. Also, his work appeared in magazines like Bernadette, Mireille, Pierrot, Lisette, Amis-Coop and Vaillant. From 1955, Ribera also drew for the daily press. He illustrated several serials in Le Parisien Libéré and France-Soir, mostly novel and movie adaptations.

Le Barrage by Julio Ribera
Le Barrage (Bayard, 9/9/1956)

He joined Pilote magazine in 1965, where he started out illustrating several short stories and current affairs pages. He created the 'Dracurella' series in 1973, and continued it until 1979. In 1975, he teamed up with Christian Godard to create his best known series, 'Le Vagabond des Limbes'. The science fiction series appeared directly in albums at Hachette, but was later pre-published in Circus and Tintin.

Vagabond des Limbes, by Julio Ribera
Le Vagabond des Limbes

Ribera cooperated on the Larousse collection 'L'Histoire de France en Bandes Dessinées' in 1976. In 1985, he drew the first two episodes of 'Les Chroniques du Temps de la Vallée des Ghlomes' at Dargaud, again scripted by Godard. Ribera and Godard founded the publishing house Vaisseau d'Argent in 1988, and continued their several collaborations under this lable.

Dracurella, art by Julio Ribera

While continuing 'Le Vagabond des Limbes', they created 'Le Grand Manque', which was reprinted at Soleil in 1993. When Vaisseau d'Argent folded in 1991, Ribera and Godard joined Dargaud publishers, where they created 'Le Grand Scandale' in 1994. Ribera produced 'Je Suis un Monstre' in the collection Grafica at Glénat in the same year.

Le Grand Scandale, by Julio Ribera
Le Grand Scandale

In 2004, Ribera published 'Montserrat - Souvenirs de la Guerre Civile' at Bamboo publishers, the first part of trilogy based on Ribera's childhood memories of the Spanish Civil War.

Montsserat, by Julio Ribera

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