Holle Pinkel, by Andries Brandt

After leaving school, Andries Brandt started working at a bank. He soon quit, working a variety of jobs until 1938, when he joined the army. He served in the Waffen SS during World War II, and was part of one of the cruellest death squads called the Kommando Zeppelin or Kommando Steinbach. Brandt, who always claimed he was a mere bystander in the excesses of the group, was sentenced to four years imprisonment, and was subsequently sent to work in the Limburg mines. By the 1950s, there was a great demand for comics. Despite his lack of experience and his dubious background, Brandt was hired as a comic artist by the Marten Toonder Studios in 1955.

Holle Pinkel en Luie Labberdas by Andries Brandt
Holle Pinkel en Luie Labberdas

Brandt was involved in practically all productions, either as a writer or as an illustrator. Among his many credits are stories with 'Tom Poes', 'Olle Kapoen', 'Panda', 'Kappie', 'Birre Beer', 'Sim en Pans', 'Student Tijloos', 'Joris Valkenier' and 'Marion'. He also wrote stories with 'Little Hiawatha' and the 'Big Bad Wolf' for the Dutch Donald Duck weekly, as well as stories with 'The Flintstones', 'Yogi Bear' and 'De Steenrakkertjes'. He also wrote for foreign clients, such as the German Kauka Verlag ('Fix und Foxi') and the Swedish Semic Press ('Pelle Svanlöss').

Jennifer Scott by Andries Brandt and Piet Wijn
Jennifer Scott, with art by Piet Wijn

One comic that was completely Brandt's creation was 'Holle Pinkel', that appeared as both a daily strip until 1961 and as a fullcolor page in De Spiegel in the first half of the 1960s. He wrote and drew it himself initially, but later on, it was illustrated by Piet Wijn. Brandt wrote the text of 'Horre, Harm en Hella', the comic that earned him the greatest fame. From 1963 until 1972, he was director of the comics department at Toonder Studios. In 1972, he settled in Acquoy as a freelance writer. He made the famous sports comic 'Roel Dijkstra' with Jan Steeman, and co-founded the rebellious magazine De Vrije Balloen. He also contributed to Tina ('Stewardess Paula', 'Tina', 'Jennifer Scott' ) and Sjors ('Joris Jofel', 'Professor Breinbreier'). Andries Brandt died in 1985. It was only then that some of his closest co-workers learned about his gruesome activities during the war.

Holle Pinkel by Andries Brandt (1973)

Andries Brandt in De Nederlandse Stripgeschiedenis

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