Marinilli y Gustavito, by Angel Nadal

Ángel Nadal Quirch began his career in 1944, working as an assistant of artists Ayné and Emilio Boix. Apart from some characters like 'Sindulfo Sacarina', which he created for publisher Valenciana, he is best known as the creator of such Bruguera characters as 'Casildo Calasparra' (1948) and 'Pascual, criado leal' (1953). They both first appeared in Pulgarcito, but Nadal also contributed to El DDT, Sissi and other Bruguera magazines, besides the early Tío Vivo, before it was acquired by Bruguera. Having a gift for both comic and realistic style he merged them in series featuring attractive women, such as 'Rosita, la vampiresa' (1951), 'Las mujeres de Nadal' (1954), 'Matildita y Anacleto' (1954) and 'Marilín, chica moderna' (1959). Nadal's contributions to Bruguera extended from 1948 to 1960.

Goofy by Angel Nadal

He worked for various European publishers through agencies like Bardon Art. In the 1950s and 1960s, he drew for the British publisher Fleetway. He was one of the early artists of the title comic of Buster magazine. The magazine was launched in May, 1960, and the 'Buster' character was introduced as the son of Reg Smythe's 'Andy Capp'. Nadal succeeded Hugh McNeill in 1962, and drew the strip well over a decade until 1974.

Buster, by Angel Nadal

In the 1970s, he drew stories with 'Goofy' and 'Mickey Mouse' for the Disney publications of the Danish publisher Gutenberghus. In the 1980s, he also did some 'Donald Duck' stories. For the German market, he illustrated such comics as 'Viva la Revolution' in Primo and 'San Tomato' in Zack. For the Kauka Verlag, he has drawn among others stories with 'Bussi Bär' and 'Fridolin'.

Fridolin, by Angel Nadal

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