Prinses Aster by Wilma van den Bosch
Prinses Aster (2001)

Wilma van den Bosch was born in Welland, Canada, as the daughter of Dutch immigrants. However, when Wilma was ten years old, the family moved back to Holland. She got interested in comics through the work of Charles Schulz ('Peanuts') and children's book author Dr. Seuss, and after reading an interview with Morris in newspaper De Volkskrant. She wrote a story and tried to sell it to different publishers. She was eventually asked by Ed van Schuijlenburg, art supervisor of the Dutch Disney magazines, to write scenarios with Disney characters for Donald Duck weekly.

Donald Duck cover by Wilma van den BoschKatrien cover by Wilma van den Bosch

After a couple of years writing stories, Wilma also took on drawing. Since then, she has worked as a staff artist for the Dutch Disney magazines Donald Duck, Katrien, Disneyland and Donald Duck Junior. In 1999 she created her own comic, 'Prinses Aster'. Two long stories with the character were published in Donald Duck in 1999 and 2001, and in book format by Sanoma and Silvester. In 2002, she received the Stripschapspenning in the category Best Dutch Children's Comic for 'Prinses Aster'.

Winnie de Poeh by Wilma van den Bosch

Besides her regular work for Donald Duck, Wilma has also been making illustrations for girls' magazine Tina since 2013. She is inking comic pages starring the magazine's new title character that are written and penciled by Jan Vriends. She also makes comic pages for special issues of Tina, as well as cartoons starring the character, in cooperation with editor Bas Schuddeboom. 

comic from Inktpot #1, featuring Dick Bruna, art by Wilma van den Bosch, 2003
comic from Inktpot #1, 2003, featuring Dick Bruna

In 2005, she took over 'Jan Kaman' from Wout Paulussen, a soccer comic written by Herman van Veen. Wilma works for the foundation Teken Mijn Verhaal, and publishes stories in the Utrecht art magazine De Inktpot. Wilma van den Bosch is additionally writing and illustrating children's books, and published her story about the little monster 'Ikniet' ('The Notme') in the iStore in 2013. Together with her partner Pascal Oost, she has made commision comics for Albert Heijn and De Meergroep, among others.

Kroniek van een Dakhebber, by Wilma van den Bosch
Kroniek van een Dakhebber (Straatnieuws #13, Winter 2007)

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