Kos & Mo, by Evert Geradts
Kos & Mo

Evert Geradts was one of the main representatives of the Dutch underground comix movement of the 1970s. Born in The Hague, he had several non-artistic jobs before publishing his first strip, 'De Diertjes', in Hitweek in 1968. This was followed by several other short strips for Hitweek/Aloha in the period 1968-73, such as 'Moe Koe' and 'Jan Zeiloor'. Shortly afterwards, several magazines took an interest in his work, which is characterized by a mildly critical look at society.

Moe Koe, by Evert Geradts

In 1970 he founded the magazine Tante Leny Presenteert (named after his girlfriend of the time, Leny Swalve), for which he wrote many humorous comics, featuring (mainly animal) characters like 'Karel Kater de Karrenhater', 'Klotekat' and 'Olsen de Olifant'. Most of his work at this time appeared in this undergound magazine - but he also published comics and illustrations in such magazines as Avenue, Suck, Modern Papier and several American underground magazines.

Jan Zeiloor by Evert Geradts
Jan Zeiloor

In the 1980s, Evert Geradts was a member of Studio Arnhem and he moved to a more mainstream audience. He was present in the magazine Eppo, creating 'De "Alsjemaar Bekend" Band' between 1984 and 1988. For Sjors & Sjimmie Stripblad he made 'Henk Hond', written by Ruud Straatman, in 1989. He also wrote scripts for series like 'Sjors en Sjimmie' and 'De Muziekbuurters'. Geradts is one of the most versatile writers of Disney comics for the Dutch Donald Duck weekly since 1982.

De Alsjemaar Bekend Band
De Alsjemaar Bekend Band

He now lives near Toulouse, France, where he continues to write for Donald Duck magazine and for the series 'Claire' (together with Jan van Die). In 2000, Evert Geradts created the children's comic 'Kos & Mo', which is completely made by computer and was published in magazine OKKI until about 2007. His comic 'Mynga & Ramzy' for Hello You! was created with the same technique. He additionally contributed to a couple of volumes in the collection 'Graphic Classics'.

Cover of 'Tante Leny Presenteert', Evert Geradts

Evert Geradts in De Nederlandse Stripgeschiedenis
(in dutch)

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