Gigi Bizz by Leone Cimpellin
Gigi Bizz

Leone Cimpellin entered the world of comics in 1947 as an assistant to Lina Buffolente. Two years later, Cimpellin teamed up with Gianluigi Bonelli to create 'Plutos'. At the same time, he took over the artwork of the western 'Red Carson' from Mario Uggeri. This series was in fact an Italian version of 'Casey Ruggles', an American series created by Warren Tufts.

Ted Brenton, by Leone Cimpellin

From the early 1950s, he was part of the team of artists who worked on 'Pecos Bill' and 'Oklahoma', two westerns created by Guido Martina. He also drew numerous comics for Corriere dei Piccoli ('Gibernetta', 'Tribunzio', 'Gigi Bizz', etc.).

Tribunzio, by Cimpellin

For Lug publishers, Cimpellin illustrated 'Sergeant Guib', 'Zapo, 'Ten Brenton' and 'Dan Tempête'. He also created 'Nembo Kid', a series close to 'Superman', as well as several comic adaptations of Japanese cartoon series. From 1971, Cimpellin drew 'Johnny Logan', a satirical saga written by Romano Garofalo. In the 1990s, he cooperated on the 'Martin Mystère' series.

Sergent Guib, by Leone Cimpellin

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