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Ruud Straatman

Hendrik Martens, Strooss, Baron Ben Verstoten

(b. 16 June 1948, The Netherlands)  Netherlands

Ruud  Straatman

Royaal Modaal by Ben Verstoten
Royaal Modaal

Ruud Straatman is one Holland's most productive comic writers and occasional artists. He studied at the Art Academies in Breda, Eindhoven and Antwerp and started his career in comics when he created 'Toer Turner' for Veronica Gids in 1972-1973. Straatman has worked as a scriptwriter for many comic magazines, such as Donald Duck, Eppo, Sjors en Sjimmie Stripblad, Tina, Bobo, the Swedish MAD and the Spanish magazine 1984 (Selleciones Ilustradas).

Toer Turner by Ruud Straatman
Toer Turner (11 November 1972)

He has provided scripts for comics like 'Henk Hond' (art by Evert Geradts, 1989-91), 'Johnny Goodbye' (with Martin Lodewijk, art by Dino Attanasio, 1990-92), 'Vidocq' (art by H.G. Kresse, 1986-87) and about 110 stories of 'De Familie Fortuin' (art by Peter de Wit, 1985-90). For the Toonder Studios, he has written an unpublished 'Tom Poes' story for Donald Duck magazine, and three stories of the 'Panda' newspaper strip with art by Jaap Lamberton and Frits Godhelp in 1988-1989.

Polderkolder, by Ruud Straatman

Comics he drew himself are 'Simon Spitsmuis' (as Hendrik Martens, 1987) and 'Polderkolder' (as Strooss, 1986-88) in Sjors en Sjimmie Stripblad and 'Pien en Peer' in Tina (1983-92). He has also worked for publications from Sweden and Germany. Straatman wrote and drew 'Sir Harold Sillybum, the famous sexplorer' for the Swedish MAD (1988-89), and wrote 'Phantom' stories for the Swedish Fantomen magazine.

Pien en Peer by Ruud Straatman
Pien en Peer (Tina, 1985)

He has been one of the most productive writers for the Dutch Donald Duck magazine since 1979. He has penned down over a thousand stories with nearly every Disney character, but especially his 'Jose Carioca' serials from the 1980s stand out. He also wrote about fifty short stories for the girls' magazine Tina, the weekly 'Bobo' comic for the Dutch and Indonesian Bobo magazine, advertising comics for De Schoenenreus and Drum and some stories for Malmberg ('Anoek en de Krokotainer'). There are also unpublished Straatman scripts for 'Suske en Wiske' and 'Lucky Luke' around there somewhere.

Anoek en de Krokotainer by Ruud Straatman

Ruud Straatman is hard to pin down: in eleven years he moved 86 times, living in the USA, Portugal, Spain, England, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Ireland, Germany and The Netherlands. After a ten year absense from the comic book industry between 1992 and 2003, he resumed working in comics under the pseudonym Baron Ben Verstoten on 'Royaal Modaal', an online comic about the Dutch Royal family, in 2003.

De Avonduren van Aloysius Frispeer
De Avonduren van Aloysius Frispeer

Straatman also renewed his collaboration with Donald Duck in 2005. Since 2010, he is also one of the regular writers for the girls' magazine Tina with scripts for stories about the Dutch popstars 'Nick en Simon', and for gags and short stories of the 'Jan, Jans en de Kinderen' spin-off 'Karlijn, Catootje en de Ouders'. By 2012 he also picked up drawing again, including an assignment for Brabant Cultureel. He has been posting the adventures of his latest character, 'Aloysius Frispeer', on Facebook since July 2014.

Koning Lambiek by Ruud Straatman
"Koning Lambiek (met prins Lammeling) van 't Belegen Land"


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