Capitan Kerr, by Victor Mora

Victor Mora is probably the most important Spanish comics writer of the twentieth century. He started his career at age twenty, translating for a publisher in Barcelona. Mora's first and probably only attempt to draw his own comic, was 'Capitan Kerr' in 1950. Afterwards, he turned to journalism and writing novels. In 1956 he started his career in writing comics with the 'Capitan Trueno' series for the artist Ambros, under the pseudonym of Victor Alcazar. Soon, Mora expanded his activities with new series for important Spanish artists like Francisco Hidalgo ('Doctor Niebla'), Carlos Giménez ('Delta 99') and Victor de la Fuente (the western 'Sunday').

Keyn, by Victor Mora
Keyn (El Globo)

Again with Giménez, he started the science fiction series 'Dani Futuro' in 1969, published in Spain in Gaceta Junior, but also in France in Tintin. Afterwards, Mora wrote 'Supernova' for José Bielsa and 'El Corsario de Hierro' for Ambros. From 1973, he worked for the French market. He started out with several comics for Pilote, like 'Arcane' with Brocal Remohi, 'Les Chroniques de l'Innommé' with Luis Garcia and stories with Aldoma Puig and Longaron.

Dani Futuro, by Victor Mora and Carlos Giménez
Artwork by Carlos Giménez

For Pif magazine, Mora wrote 'Amicalement Vôtre', after the television series and illustrated by Raphaël Marcello. In 1979 he wrote 'Félina' for Annie Goetzinger, published in magazines like Circus, Pilote and Charlie Mensuel. That same year Victor Mora wrote the first 'Gigantik' story for José Maria Cardona.

Throughout the 1980s, Mora wrote new series for Alfonso Font ('Sylvestre', 'Tequila Bang'), Antonio Parras ('Inoxydables') and Victor de la Fuente ('Les Anges d'Acier'). Since 1986 he took up his first comic series again, 'El Capitán Trueno', this time illustrated by J. Blasco, L. Bermejo, J. Redondo and later J.M. Burns.

Anges d'Acier, by Victor Mora and Victor de la Fuente
Artwork by Victor de la Fuente
(in spanish)

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