Revista de Toros by Jse Canovas
Revista de Toros

In the 1970s, José Cánovas Martinez was one of the creators and artists of the alternative review Troya. He also published in Rambla and Trocha-Troya.

Grupo Especial, by Jose Canovas (Troya, 1977)
Grupo Especial (Troya, 1977)

His art, mainly parodies on famous stories, films and superheroes, was additionally present in the weekly youth paper Primeras Noticias, that was primarily distributed between schools. In the mid 1970s he drew the 'Candy Floss' comic for the British market.

Candy Floss by Jose Canovas
Candy Floss (1976)

Around 1980, he founded the Comicup Studios in Barcelona, initially to provide artwork for Rolf Kauka's 'Fix und Foxi' through Comicon, the agency of Peter Wiechmann and Fred Kipka. By 1988, Comicup began an association with Kipkakomics in Munich to made artwork for comic magazines like YPS and Knax, the magazine for Germany's saving banks.

La Bella Roncante by Jose Canovas
La Bella Roncante

However, Comicup eventually became a mainly involved in producing artwork for Disney comics and books throughout Europe. The studios works extensively for Sanoma, the publisher of Disney comics in Holland. For the same publisher, they also provide artwork for magazines Tina and Zo Zit Dat!, as well as apps for iPhones and iPads. Additionally, they have created comic characters and magazines like Quix! and TOPfit for the German market.

Ovni by Jose Canovas

Among the artists that have worked for Comicup throughout the years are Angel Rodriguez, Bernardo Serrat, Carlos Grangel, Carlos Guirado, Carmen Pérez, Cèsar Ferioli, Conrad Lazaro, Cristina Ruiz, Daniel Pérez, Fernando Güell, Francisco Figueras, Francisco Rodriguez Peinado, Ignasi Majoral, Isaac Montoya Salamó, Isabel Penalva, Jaime Esteva, Javier Secaduras, Joan Espinach, Jordi Alfonso, José Antonio Caruana, José Antonio González, José Antonio Pineda, José Luis Lopez Guardia, José Avilés, José Cardona, José Maria Carreras, José Miguel Tortajada Aguilar, José Ramón Bernado, Josep Nebot, Julian Jordan, Lourdes Martin, Luis José Beltrán, Manolo Galdòn, Manuel Montero, Marga Querol Manzano, Mario Cortes, Maximino Tortajada Aguilar, Meritxell Andreu, Miguel Fernandez Martinez, Miquel Pujol, Oscar Martin, Paco Pineda, Pablo Reche, Paco Ruiz, Rafa Ruiz, Santiago Barreira, Sergi Cardó, Sergio Garrido, Tony Fernandez, Valentin Doménech, Xavier Vives Mateu.

Troya cover by Canovas

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